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LETR WORKS is a SaaS service that uses AI technology to facilitate the creation of multilingual content.

Content such as text, audio, and video is created with Artificial Intelligence(AI), experts in the field work with the created content, and the new content created in this way can be used as data for AI learning.

Additionally, through the above virtuous cycle process, user-tailored AI services can be created, and users can then more smoothly create and utilize new content they need.

LETR WORKS seeks to help customers create and share new content, create value, and realize business innovation by providing advanced artificial intelligence services based on user data in the digital content field.

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TWIGFARM is creating an ecosystem that produces and consumes content through generative AI services in the digital content field. We operate LETR WORKS, a digital content management platform that allows multilingual text content creation, voice content creation, and one-source multi-user, and heybunny, which allows you to subscribe to over 4,000 newsletters and reads, summarizes, and searches the newsletters you receive. I'm doing it.

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