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'2%Entertainment' is a company specializing in content IP business. Beginning with the music IP business in 2019, we are responsible for the production and distribution of intellectual properties of numerous leading artists in South Korea. In 2021, we expanded into the story IP business and, through the creation and publishing of top-ranking IPs on service platforms, have achieved remarkable results. In 2023, building on our existing ventures, we ventured into the animation IP business and are currently in the production of a children's musical animation. We are constantly seeking to pursue creative and innovative content and business strategies through the convergence of different industries.


Business Description

A. Business Areas and Strategies

1. Music IP Business
- Production and distribution of music content for K-POP artists.
- Distribution of music through global digital music service platforms, planning of live performances, and fan events.

2. Publishing IP Business
- Publishing of children's book series based on characters like "White Bear HAPOO".
- Expansion into various formats such as audiobooks and e-books, and distribution in the global market.

3. Character IP Business
- Character licensing, product development, and marketing strategy formulation.
- Animation Business: Production of original character-based animation series, including "White Bear HAPOO", scheduled to air on KBS, targeting domestic and international viewers.

B. Key Achievements and Projects

1. Music IP Achievements
- Production and distribution of hit albums for major K-POP artists, including Lee Chanwon, Jang Yoonjeong, Kim Heejae, Yang Jieun, and Cho Myungsub.
- Music production and distribution services for MBC, MBN broadcast drama OSTs.

2. Publishing IP Achievements
- “White Bear HAPOO" series achieved number one on the Willa Audiobook Children's Chart, among other successful market responses in the children's book and audiobook sector.
- "Welcome to the cat restaurant" ranked number one on the Storytel Comprehensive Chart.

3. Character IP Achievements
- ”White Bear HAPOO" animation selected for broadcasting on KBS, strategic preparations underway for entering the global market.
- Expansion of various product lineups through character licensing, strengthening presence in the domestic and international character merchandise market.


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