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Starting from a company in New York, USA, Victoria Production Co., Ltd. introduced a new chapter of paper books and electronic publishing to the world through famous book expo and various e-book conferences around the world. As a pioneer, we have developed innovative augmented reality technology so far, as well as paper books, infant mats (Korea's first augmented reality mat patent), kids cafes, games, and advertisements. It is a company moving forward.

It is the only company that produces and publishes augmented/virtual reality contents and develops mobile applications directly through New York and Seoul companies. So far, we have 650 mobile apps and 300 books for sale, and we have the best content and technology in the world.


Business Description

■2015 INDIEFAB FINALIST Year of the Book Awards <Tagme3D>
■2015 Moonbean Children's Book Awards Reading Skills/Literacy (Gold) <TAGME3D>
■2015 Mom's Choice Awards (Honoring Excellence)
■2015 The World’s First AR Kid’s Mat launched, patent registered.
■2015 Korea Good Company Award (Gold)
■2015 Golden Brand Award (The World’s First AR Kid’s Mat )
■2015 Moonbean Children's Book Awards : Pictures Book (Enhanced & Apps) <LULAU&LALA>
■2016 Korea Digital Innovation Management Award
■2017 Women's business enterprise certification registered
■2017 Digital Ehon Awards Prize Winner(Tokyo Univ.)
■2017 SKT 5G Idea/Development Competition (AR TV Service Idea)
■2017 Global TOP 10 selected in 'IPIEC Global 2017' organized by ‘WTOIP’, China
■2018 KOTRA New Export Business Support Project Selection
■2018 Established a joint corporation in Guangzhou with the 'Leafun(励丰文化)' group in China
■2018 Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center 2018 China Membership Selected as a specialized company to enter China
■2018 Selected as 'Women's Startup Lab' in Silicon Valley, the first Korean female company
■2018 Small and Medium Business Certification (Small Business (Small Business)-Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business
■2018 Selected as the 4thShinhanFutures Lab in 2018-Selected as a specialized company to enter Vietnam
■2018 Shinhan Life Insurance-Developed the first AR product guide with augmented reality
■2018 Developing augmented reality robot collaboration with 'CUBO' (kidsrobot) in Guangzhou, China
■2018 VR/AR Educational Product of the Year (JoongAngIlbo& VR Organizing Committee)
■2019 Selected as 2019 K-ICT Startup Mentoring Company (Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Business)
■2019 Exported AR products with educational institutions under BOE in Beijing, China-Signed a contract worth about 8.5 billion KRW
■2019 Korea Software Vietnam Export Marketing Support Selection (NIPA Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency)
■2019 KOTRA IKMP (Invest Korea Market Place) business selection
■2020 Selected as an investment attraction support program at the 2020 Incheon Contents Enterprise Promotion Center
■2020 Selected as a voucher support project for the 2020 service leading company development project
■2021 6th E-learning and EdTech Business Model Contest-Korea Productivity Center President's Award, Electronic Newspaper President's Award (Grand Prize)
■2021 Metaverse-based Fintech Hackathon Grand Prize (Minister of Science and ICT)
■2022 Participation in building Future Education Experience Hall,1st in 2022 (KERIS)
■2022 AR Products and Devices Sales to Public Libraries in Busan.
■2022 Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education - Participation in Green Smart Edtech Experience Hall
■2022 Award for National Merit for the Development of AR/VR (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
■2022 Establishment of an experience hall in “Vietopia”, the largest edtech theme park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
■2022 KEA KAIST University Collaboration – Development of Edtech Metaverse content for AR-Glass
■2023 The Edtech Awards - Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (VR/MR) Solution


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