AR LuLu&LaLa

Year of Production



‘AR LuLuLaLa’ is a beautiful and entertaining 3D animation that magically appears right on top of each page of the book, making it easy for children to learn and understand new words and ideas. The app allows recording their own voices, giving their children the ability to have storytime anytime they choose.

Company Profile

Victoria Productions KOREA CI

Game Character Animation Startup Immersive Content Other


Starting from a company in New York, USA, Victoria Production Co., Ltd. introduced a new chapter of paper books and electronic publishing to the world through famous book expo and various e-book conferences around the world. As a pioneer, we have developed innovative augmented reality technology so far, as well as paper books, infant mats (Korea's first augmented reality mat patent), kids cafes, games, and advertisements. It is a company moving forward.

It is the only company that produces and publishes augmented/virtual reality contents and develops mobile applications directly through New York and Seoul companies. So far, we have 650 mobile apps and 300 books for sale, and we have the best content and technology in the world.

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