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-A 3D modeling simulation using an avatar was introduced as a system for selling design content online.
-It is easy to purchase online by making it possible to check from a virtual image how the design to be purchased is implemented in real clothes, away from the flat 2D pattern.
-Overseas purchase is also possible by creating a global menu within the online platform.
-Selling self-developed design content online and offline (in case of separate long and short-term contracts)
-Using e-mail for overseas offline transactions.

Company Profile



It opened as an offline textile design studio in April 2018, supplying and selling printed pattern artwork and virtual 3D in the field of fashion textiles. We are also producing custom designs for consumers, and are stabilizing the non-face-to-face system by establishing a design shopping mall where you can purchase designs online.
[Selling Printed Pattern Artwork]
All designs purchased with the concept of “only for you” of 1:1 sales can be downloaded and used commercially at the time of purchase. Make it usable as a design. We promise that the design once sold will not be resold, and when making commercial products, please experience Artiso's design, which can be your own product more easily.

[Virtual 3D Design Sales]
We are supplying and selling error-free samples with 3D digital technology with the goal of a sustainable fashion business in accordance with the 4th industrial revolution and the prolonged corona virus.
We help you in the essential process of digitalizing your production processes. This can simplify the process of producing one piece of clothing and reduce costs.

Stop wasting time with digital products that combine Artiso's printed patterns with virtual 3D designs. The design is made by Artiso! . You only produce!

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