Arcana Twilight

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๐Ÿ’ซAbout the Game
Letโ€™s connect the stars together!
Meet the charming Sorcerers in the mesmerizing place of Arcana Twilight!
A brand new Roleplay dating otome simulation game with 6 charming Sorcerers to love!

A day when the sky comes tumbling down, and the stars are falling.
When the signs of disaster open their eyes,
You will be talking about us.
Welcome back,
This is the end of the world, Bound Arlyn, the place looked after by the constellation.
Take a good look. See for yourself what a ragged world this is.

Company Profile

Game Startup

Storytaco, Inc.

STORYTACO is a game development company specializing in the creation of story-based mobile games aimed at a global female audience. Our journey began in 2018 with the release of "Student Council Fellows" and since then, we have successfully launched over 20 games in 176 countries worldwide. We manage all aspects of game development, marketing, and global expansion in-house.

STORYTACO's games are renowned for their captivating storylines, impressive graphics, and engaging gameplay. Our games have achieved remarkable results, amassing over 20 million cumulative users and more than 1 million MAU (Monthly Active Users).

Furthermore, STORYTACO boasts its own partnership publishing system, allowing us to collaborate with various partners to bring new games to the market.

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