AstroWings - Space War

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"Astro Wings: Space War" is a retro style, exciting and authentic bullet hell, space shooting game.
This game brings you the thrill, urgency and fantastic experience of an authentic arcade shooting game.

Evade enemy bullets and take them down. Unleash your competitive spirit by going up against their deadly shooting.

You must survive this Bullet Hell across 22 different universes.
Diverse and delicate enemy attack patterns lead to intense skirmishes!

The aircraft can shoot while rotating (180 degrees). Use this function to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies.
Identify their patterns and upgrade weapons to clear threats from the treacherous Space Stages!

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Toward Inc.

Toward creates mobile games and pc, console games, edutainment. Our team members come from various entertainment industries such as PC game development, online game development, mobile game development and animation studios. Such versatility and experience allows for quick adaptation to different platforms and engines and also for superior risk management.

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