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3D Animation
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260(min) 52Quantity Input
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‘Difference is another name of specialty.’
“Hello, friends! Welcome to Baba Village, where everyone dreams. Here, you’ll find bubble clouds and colorful rainbow falls, the first flower-growing garden, twinkling start fishing sites and square forest. Six sheep, baba friends with their unique personalities, learn how to understand and respect each other. What are the Baba friends dreaming of today?”

“Baba Village” is emotional education 3D animation content with warm feelings and good humor that parents would love to watch with their child.

Company Profile

Character Animation Startup Immersive Content


3FRAME is a content company that creates unique spaces and stories.
Virtual world (Online) and physical world (Onsite), spaces are the fundamental building blocks of these two worlds. Points, lines, surfaces, and the minimum unit frame for creating visual narrative stories are the fundamental units for constructing spaces.
It encompasses various spaces: computer graphic spaces and scene direction needed for art-based movies and dramas, commercial spaces for promoting products through advertisements and home shopping, fantastical spaces for stages, performances, and events, heritage spaces like museums and art galleries that carry historical and cultural significance. For each of these spaces and their corresponding media like Digital Art, film, drama, and animation content, 3FRAME combines software technology and content production techniques to bring about convergence.

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