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The latency is almost zero, so there is no delay in the content, smooth operation is possible, and the content is comfortable without any nausea or dizziness.
VR Human function that expresses all human motion can be expressed, and it is possible to express the finger motion, and it is possible to operate such as moving object in contents.
Team play is available for 1 to 4 players at the same time, and you can communicate and collaborate through the ability to communicate at the same time.
It offers a variety of characters choices and is a natural animation through motion capture technology.

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Motion Tecnologies, Inc.

Motion Technology has developed a motion capture technology and established a company to make contents using it.
Now we are the best motion capture company in Korea.
Motion Technology, Inc. has produced the first mechanical motion capture in Korea in 1999, and holds the motion capture patent. We have been doing various work related to motion capture.
In addition, we have continued to develop multi-purpose motion capture, and have provided ETRI, KIST, and GIST to public institutions, and have experience in many government motion capture projects.

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