Blackhole 3D

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3D Animation
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C2Monster has developed its Converting Tool based on the belief that the absence of a 3D asset library makes the reuse of previous assets difficult due to a lack of accurate information about those assets and the need for users to manually check data piece by piece.
With this tool, users can select folders and view data and information without actually opening a 3D data file. Data output is saved with relevant information on a separate website so that users can view 3D data via WebGL anytime and anywhere.
The ability to quickly and conveniently view previous data at a glance enables users to make better use of data and save time and cost.

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In order to support customers to create a variety of ongoing values, C2Monster has developed and provide Software-Solution for the digital content industry, 3D Storyboard, Wormhole 2 (Pipeline Management Solution) and Blackhole 3D. Through C2Monster's wormhole-production pipeline system, we support a systematic and integrated system for all users and artists who are involved in digital production. C2Monster provides optimized solutions, training and technical support for Educational Institution and Small and Medium Production Studios.

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