Year of Production
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3D Animation
Target Age
3(min) 52Quantity Input
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BOOMBOOM Family shows the life of three family generations living together,
along with different animals and fairies, in the BOOMBOOM House.
In each episode, a new parody guest* visits the BOOMBOOM house, bringing his or her own problems and making unforgettable memories with the family from 6:00 p.m. to the next morning.
There are always disturbances, but the BOOMBOOM Family always shows deep love and emotional touch (…with a bit of sarcasm) in the end.

*Parody guests are characters from known comics, fairytales, newspapers, or even celebrities with issues that reflect recent social and cultural issues.

BOOMBOOM Family targets TV/digital animation series to be shared
with all generations of a family. (3min × 52 episodes)

Joyful Home Animation for children, youth, and adults (target audience)
- Children : Understanding of others, love, imagination, and creativity
- Youth : Sympathy, catharsis, and family reconciliation
- Adults : Humor and social and cultural satire

World heroes’ finding rustic happiness in everyday life
- Guesthouse visitors’ grotesque happenings with a suburban family
Strong characters invigorating imagination
- Exaggerated SD characters with twisted facial emotions
- Parody guests from various themes

Company Profile

We are constantly creating new values in the infinite universe.

Character Cartoon Animation


UNIVERSE DESIGN has been recognized as a professional content design company in Korea and overseas since its establishment in 2010 with 18 years of professional graphic design, animated creative planning, and technical experience.
UNIVERSE DESIGN is trying to create a fun world and value by providing emotional and knowledge services by realizing high quality living design contents in all environments in smart platform.

"Think differently, create new and behave nicely!"

UNIVERSE DESIGN has been providing high-quality graphic design technology services to all small and medium-sized companies in Korea and abroad to enhance the value of various products more effectively.
UNIVERSE DESIGN creates a systematic and comprehensive marketing communication strategy and develops a professional multi-brand marketing communication strategy including Corporate Identity and Brand Business design, smart product design, brand character design, U/I, U/X design, smart contents, Conduct business of fusion design.
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