Breakfast is a must

Year of Production


Happy Truck delivers happiness every day with Team Happy
What's a must item for the best delivery? Breakfast!
Team Happy never skips breakfast and never forgets to brush our teeth.

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Design studio LAZY LADY was established in 2019 and has collaborated with several clients including the Busan International Film Festival and Marie Claire Korea. With the launch of the Happy Truck in 2020, we are presenting our work with the motto of a brightens up its surroundings. In October 2023, it launched licensing products at 41 branches of LOFT in Japan, attracting a lot of attention from overseas as well. In February 2024, we published a picture book "Breakfast is a Must " and will continue to publish a series of picture books featuring the adventures of Happy Truck.

Happy Truck pays attention to all the things you feel happy about. We are making various contents and lifestyle products inspired by what makes us happy in our daily lives. We draw stories closer to our daily lives so that we can clearly sense the moments when we feel happy. We believe that moments of joy come together to make happiness solid.

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