Go! Captain Rony!

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3D Animation
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11(min) 26Quantity Input
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Neither cars, planes nor trains, but a story that only a new friend drone can tell!
From the sky to the bottom of the earth! Dynamic and spectacular glide action!
From small crevices to high tops! Various venture and performance of drones navigating everywhere!

THe drone market is growing rapidly in line with the upcoming 4th industrial revolution. We want to keep up with the trend and make it easy and friendly for children to use drones.
“Fly! Captain Rony” not only makes us aware in advance how much the drone will be of great help to our daily life , but also it will provide an opportunity for children to show their creativity by combining their own wacky imagination with drones.

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Character Animation


Pierce Visual Works is a content development company that creates various types of content and engages in businesses such as animation, publishing, mobile and wireless, OTT, online entertainment, theme parks, merchandising, brand licensing, and franchise development.

We strive to present fresh ideas through contents and we have already developed our own content such as "Human Guide Ceti," "Go! Captain Rony," and "Darkside."
We aim to grow as a global content provider that develops diverse and fresh contents and plan to target the global market though localization strategies for each country.

We will do our best to develop contents that can bring joy and happiness to people around the world by utilizing various platforms.

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