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TV Drama (Mini-series)
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45(min) 12Quantity Input


This drama is about Inho Kang, a surgeon at the Han River Medical Center, fighting against a deadly virus!!
It is a record of struggle over a month.

The story of a man who saved his life with a vaccine and the world.

Inho Kang saw the existence of the coronavirus that would destroy the world!
But the Inho Kang heard.
The director's irresistible suggestion to remain silent for the hospital!

However, at this time,
The virus, which was believed to have been extinguished, begins to spread beyond hospitals into the world.

Silence, protect my future? Reveal the truth, save my neighbor's reality?
The Inho Kang decides.
To the virus! To the host in the cage! To walk!
In 2024, the advance of Inho Kang begins.

Invisible viruses are amplified by visible humans.
the chief of a hospital Wants To Hide Virus's Origin For Profit At Large Plastic Centers
The head of the infectious diseases department denies the existence of the virus in case the misappropriation of research funds obtained from fake vaccines will be revealed

We will stare with painful eyes at the habitat of the virus that our greed has created,
The great battle of little humans against their hosts
I will cheer with warm eyes.

the combination of the core of a drama and the elements of popular entertainment

Drama is about painting humans.
Also, dramas should be fun entertainment.
On the body of "human beliefs against injustice,"
on the wheels of Melo,
On the road of suspense,
It must be both popular entertainment and literature
in the spirit of the drama

I want to get a little closer.

Company Profile

*‘Haji (夏至)’ is the Korean word for ‘summer solstice’, the time at which the sun is at the northernmost point in the sky resulting in the longest day of the year. With passion as bright and hot like the sun, STUDIO HaJI creates and produces heartwarming contents that continue to shine on for a long time.





formed by

the renowned writer of bold high-quality TV drama screenplays including
<The Chaser>, <Empire of Gold>, and <Punch>, and

Creative Producer SONG JIN SUN,
the prolific producer of drama series in diverse genres including
<Duty After School>, <What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?>, and
<Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo>.

02. Career & Leadership
South Korean TV Drama Screenwriter

<The Chaser> (2012, SBS)
<Empire of Gold> (2013, SBS)
<Punch> (2014-2015, SBS)
<Whisper> (2017, SBS)
<The whirwind> (2024 Netflix)

2012 Korea Content Awards, Prime Minister Award
2013 Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Screenplay (TV)
2013 Korea Broadcasting Prizes, Best Screenwriter
2015 APAN Star Awards, Best Writer
2015 CARI K Drama Awards, Best Writer
2016 Korea Communications Commission Best Writer Award
2017 Korea TV & Radio Writers Awards, Best Writer (Drama series)

Creative Producer
Started as a cartoon story writer and worked as a drama series producer for SBS and then as a creative producer at Studio Dragon. Created and produced more than 20 drama series of diverse genres.

2024 <The whirwind> (Chief Producer / Political thriller / To be released as a Netflix Original)
2023 <The War After School> (Chief Producer / Military, SF, School drama / Tving Original)
2022 <Connect> (Creative Producer & Adaptation / SF Chase Thriller / Disney + Original)
2020 <True Beauty> (Chief Producer / Romance, Coming-of-age / tvN)
2018 <What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim> (Creative Producer / Romantic comedy / tvN)
2017 <Avengers Social Club> (Creative Producer / Women-driven practical revenge drama / tvN)
2017 <Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo> (Chief Producer / Time travel, Period drama / tvN)
2016 <Come Back Mister> (Producer / Human Drama / SBS)
2015 <Yong-Pal> (Producer / SBS)
2014 <Three Days> (Producer / Spy Action / SBS)

03. Vision: A creative collective equipped to produce the best contents with global brand power

04. Core Value: Restore the literary value of the drama content through lively passionate human stories

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