*‘Haji (夏至)’ is the Korean word for ‘summer solstice’, the time at which the sun is at the northernmost point in the sky resulting in the longest day of the year. With passion as bright and hot like the sun, STUDIO HaJI creates and produces heartwarming contents that continue to shine on for a long time.
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the renowned writer of bold high-quality TV drama screenplays including
<The Chaser>, <Empire of Gold>, and <Punch>, and

Creative Producer SONG JIN SUN,
the prolific producer of drama series in diverse genres including
<Duty After School>, <What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?>, and
<Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo>.

02. Career & Leadership
South Korean TV Drama Screenwriter

<The Chaser> (2012, SBS)
<Empire of Gold> (2013, SBS)
<Punch> (2014-2015, SBS)
<Whisper> (2017, SBS)
<The whirwind> (2024 Netflix)

2012 Korea Content Awards, Prime Minister Award
2013 Baeksang Arts Awards, Best Screenplay (TV)
2013 Korea Broadcasting Prizes, Best Screenwriter
2015 APAN Star Awards, Best Writer
2015 CARI K Drama Awards, Best Writer
2016 Korea Communications Commission Best Writer Award
2017 Korea TV & Radio Writers Awards, Best Writer (Drama series)

Creative Producer
Started as a cartoon story writer and worked as a drama series producer for SBS and then as a creative producer at Studio Dragon. Created and produced more than 20 drama series of diverse genres.

2024 <The whirwind> (Chief Producer / Political thriller / To be released as a Netflix Original)
2023 <The War After School> (Chief Producer / Military, SF, School drama / Tving Original)
2022 <Connect> (Creative Producer & Adaptation / SF Chase Thriller / Disney + Original)
2020 <True Beauty> (Chief Producer / Romance, Coming-of-age / tvN)
2018 <What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim> (Creative Producer / Romantic comedy / tvN)
2017 <Avengers Social Club> (Creative Producer / Women-driven practical revenge drama / tvN)
2017 <Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo> (Chief Producer / Time travel, Period drama / tvN)
2016 <Come Back Mister> (Producer / Human Drama / SBS)
2015 <Yong-Pal> (Producer / SBS)
2014 <Three Days> (Producer / Spy Action / SBS)

03. Vision: A creative collective equipped to produce the best contents with global brand power

04. Core Value: Restore the literary value of the drama content through lively passionate human stories

Business Description

2024-25 Main projects

01. CHARON (L.A. screening pitching selection for 2024)

This drama is a record of a month-long struggle against a deadly virus taken on by Kang In-Ho, a surgeon at HanGang Medical Center.
One man charges ahead into an infected world.

IT’sMINE(The original Korean Naver webtoon)

<It’s mine> Is the story about the boy who obsessed in one girl,
and conspiracy aroundthem.
In every episode, it overcomes the reader's expectation with A reversal and
beautiful express. It keeps drawing a lot of positive responses. Stay high
on the list since its launch

03 D'or
- Created by Song jin sun & Kim Ji-yong

- Scarred by past violence, the woman must choose to break up with the man she loved. In the process of selling the memories she had with him, she ends up having a nightmare which turns the romantic aspects into a horror-thriller kind. A story of healing the scars by alternating between the real and the dream world.

* haji's member
KIM JI-YONG Director, Writer, Director, Director of Photography of <Ground Zero> and <A Night On Earth>.
Director of Photography of
<Connect> (Disney+), <The Sympathizer> (HBO Max original series) and <Squid Game 2> (Netflix Original).
Various roles related to cinematography in more than 30 films including <Decision To Leave>, <Ashfall>, <Swing Kids>, and <The Fortress>.

04. PYRAMIDS (famlily crime Suspense picaresque)

A harmonious family deals with brutality
in order to survive in this criminal drama

05. MR.CINDERELLE (The biggest comical success story)

In the morning of the wedding day,
his bride died. Then, he found himself
deeply in debt! A debt-ridden man’s life-
risking survival game


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