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It is a cute hamster character called “Chewyhams.” This cute and lovely character not only has chubby cheeks and a body like chewy rice cake, but also a bright and positive attitude. Chewyhams is especially fond of food and is winning hearts with its cuteness.

Chewyhams has appeared as an emoticon on Kakao Talk, China’s SNS (WeChat), and Between, and as sticker for Cymera.
Chewyhams is also available for free or for a charge for Samsung Theme Service (UI) through Samsung’s cellular phones and is also available in Japan, China, and globally (the Americas, India, etc.).

At the demonstration of the Samsung Phone Theme Service and Apple Watch, Chewyhams characters were exposed for product advertisements and they are becoming the main characters of the service.

Company Profile



Funny Co., Ltd. is a character licensing company. We have licenses for several characters, among which is the representative character 'Chewyhams'.

We have global emoticon and phone theme services such as KakaoTalk in Korea, Witchet in China, and Samsung Global Theme.
and we produce and sell mainly characters based on goods such as figures.

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