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Music Program
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Worldwide K-POP girl group project "CLICK THE STAR" in 32 countries around the world
A long journey to discover the best K-POP artists. The long run of auditions has begun.

#1. An audition that discovers Global K-POP Stars
- A super-large girl group survival project in 32 countries around the world
- 5 or 7 members representing each country will be selected, and
around 160~224 Global K-pop Stars will be discovered

#2. The ONLY audition participating by the public where
global fandom can be secured even before debut
- A total of 32 girl groups work under the same group name (BlingOne) and
build a united fandom within 32 countries
- 32 girl groups' unit activities attract the largest global collaboration across borders

#3. The best audition with the best training system
and the best production
- K-POP Training provided by the WORLD K-POP CENTER,
where the K-POP professional staff and systematic training systems are established
- Have a chance to appear in K-POP contents such as music broadcasting
and reality program through K-POP specialized platform 'K-POP CLICK'

Company Profile

Official logo of the World K-pop center

Broadcasting Music

world k-pop center

The World K-Pop Center headquarters is located in Namsan, Seoul, the center of Korea.

Establishing branches around the world, Korea's leading entertainment agency, broadcasting company,

We partner with institutions to provide world-class K-POP training programs.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Creative Content Agency, K-POP Promotion Agency, etc.

It is a credible professional organization that disseminates education in cooperation with the government and institutions.

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