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  • Location : 3,3rd floor 72, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
The World K-Pop Center headquarters is located in Namsan, Seoul, the center of Korea.

Establishing branches around the world, Korea's leading entertainment agency, broadcasting company,

We partner with institutions to provide world-class K-POP training programs.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Creative Content Agency, K-POP Promotion Agency, etc.

It is a credible professional organization that disseminates education in cooperation with the government and institutions.


Business Description

1. World K-Pop Center, the center of the Korean Wave and the history of K-POP
In the '2023 Overseas Korean Wave Survey' conducted online this year targeting 26 overseas countries. And the K-POP took first place for six consecutive years and the economic effect of the Korean Wave over the past five years exceeds 37 trillion won.
This means that culture has a great effect in promoting the country's national prestige and creating jobs, and by far, K-POP is at the center of Korean culture.
Of course, the performance of famous K-POP artists played a big role in helping K-POP reach its current position, but it was only possible because of the process of nurturing and discovering them, as well as K-POP's unique education system.

There is a K-POP organization that has put all its efforts into the system and training until K-POP has become such a hit and has become the center of global culture.
Located in Namsan, the center of Seoul, the World K-Pop Center is Korea's first and largest K-POP specialized organization.
It was a Hallyu training center located in Paju English Village, the predecessor of the World K-Pop Center, and the famous Produce 101 and Produce 48 audition programs were all born here.
From the beginning of the Korean Wave until it became a trend and the center of the world, World K-Pop Center has always worked tirelessly for K-POP at the center of the Korean Wave and to maximize the value creation of K-POP.

2. Globalization of the K-POP education system and expansion of exchanges such as center branches and dispatch
As K-POP becomes a culture shared by the whole world rather than just our country's culture, foreign countries are no longer just enthusiastic about K-POP artists, but also begin to take interest in K-POP's unique education system.
In line with this trend, the World K-Pop Center begins to spread its own systematic K-POP education system.
First, by establishing branches of the World K-Pop Center overseas, it plays the role of disseminating K-POP cultural education projects and contents, and spreads the unique know-how and unrivaled education system of Korea, the home of K-Pop, through the branches.
The relationship between the head office and the branch is not simply a simple copy of the head office's system, but a unique K-POP education system tailored to the characteristics of the country where the branch is located, with both the branch's unique personality and the head office's expertise.
Its strength was that it was operated in the form of an unrivaled branch.
Branches are operating in Japan, Indonesia and Mongolia, and we are continuing close exchanges, such as directly screening K-POP auditions held locally in Korea through video screening.
In addition, by consistently sending Korean trainers to branches, we have been able to transfer K-POP know-how and create jobs for K-POP trainers.


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