dino powers

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3D Animation
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11(min) 52Quantity Input
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The only existence that can save the world, Dino Powers !!
In the not too distant future, science and technology are rapidly developing, and people live by raising dinosaur’s pets that have been saved by genetic engineering. One of them is Choi Kang, an ordinary elementary school student who lives with a cute dinosaur Tyranno who is treated like family.
One night, with the sound of knocking on the window, the cube flies in, shines brightly, turns into a bracelet, and chooses the strongest wrist. It doesn't take long for the main character to realize that the power of a cube bracelet can transform a Tyrannosaurus into a mechanized dinosaur and that special goggles can be used to see a Simon that permeates humans' daily lives and causes accidents.
The present world where dynos and humans coexist and the parallel world on the other side where monsters live. The Cube chose four heroes to stop Anti-Ti from breaking the boundaries between the two worlds. They work together to form Dinosaurs and fight against monsters!
Dinopowers, the only being who will save the world against the antis who want to break down the boundaries between the parallel world and the human world, begins!

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Character Animation


“DOFALA Studio” specializes in contents creation. Currently, the animation team, business team, and the sound team are operating from our head office in Korea. We have also established a branch in Indonesia to produce shows through collaboration with our head office team. In addition, we are currently expanding the number of employees for various projects. We are actively contributing to the domestic and international content industry through innovative usage of animation and music.

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