Doomsday I - Ground Zero (VR)

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Multiplayer (up to 4 players) horror PVE FPS game developed for location based VR. The total play time is fifteen minutes. Ground zero is the first episode of the Doomsday trilogy that is set in a prison located in a desert.

"Just after a new prisoner named Jason is incarcerated, the rumor begins of a sudden disappearance of the new prisoner. As the prisoners gather around to make fuss about Jason's disappearance, the siren rings loudly. From the far end of the corridor, a morbid looking group of undead prisoners starts make their headway towards them."

Coupled with Vader's VR haptic gun and vibration floor, both developed using Vader's patented technologies, Doomsday I - Ground Zero is one of the most immersive and realistic virtual reality FPS gaming experience available in the market today.

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Since its inception in January 2018, VADER has rapidly expanded its presence in out-of-home family entertainment sector through rigorous team acquisitions in Taiwan and South Korea. VADER is now recognize as the one of the leading planner and operator for family entertainment centers (FECs) and high-end digital content developer with focus in virtual reality gaming.

FEC Division focuses on designing and developing urban indoor entertainment centers for mixed-use shopping malls and other large scale retail properties across Asia Pacific region. By leveraging its seasoned team members’ successful track record of more than 20 years of experiences in designing FECs, VADER has secured four new FEC projects in ROK with sizes ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 sqm.

VADER's VR Division focuses on creating and publishing VR games for LBEs. Coupled with its own patented haptic devices, VADER provides one of the most immersive and satisfying VR experiences available on the market today.

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