Eco Frogman

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 52Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre
Comic Action


Devit is an average videologger who introduces insects and reptiles. while trying to capture a poison arrow frog to introduce on his vlog, he gets stung. Then, he gains the ability to transform into Eco Frogman who has the abilities of a frog. Near the same time, a mysterious monster called Mega Sector appears in Eco city and threatens the peace of the city. Devit transform into Eco Frogman and uses the Mega Capture on his arm to capture the Mega Sectors and save Eco city. On the other hand, Dr.Wood of Eco Research lab, the city;s most important facility, gets kidnapped by an unkown enemy. In an effort to rescue Dr.Wood, Devit finds out that he was kidnapped by Dr.Junker, the man who created the Mega Sectors and lives in Dark Town. Eco Frogman goes upagainst dr.Junker head-on and in the process, Dr.Junker finds out that Eco Frogman is the insect Vlogger Devit.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Animation


Pixtrend Inc. was established for overall business consulting and marketing from various content planning to distribution. It distributes contents worldwide and looks for co-production and investment based on many years of experience in contents business .
In the future, we aim to lead globalization of cultural contents in Korea as well as to find opportunity for global distribution of contents , investment and co-production.

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