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We put ‘Fun’ and ‘Giggles’ together and call it “FIGGLES!”
Figgles are our friends and they are fun. They bring giggles to our face in the most delightful way.
Figgles are the voice of all animals around the world!
Figgles represent all the endangered animals and their stories will make us cry and laugh. We will learn what needs to be done to rebuild and restore our planet with Figgles!
We are not alone on our planet and animals are a big part of our life on Earth.
Living in harmony with them is an essential part of our life and it is something that comes from both the heart and mind. Over 50% of land animals have gone extinct over the last few decades because of the negative human impact on nature. Many adorable animal friends we encounter today carry painful memories of losing their homes and family due to dramatic climate change… Something needs to be done!
Today, we are at a tipping point where we must do something about the fast disappearing animals on our planet. It may be now or never!
We, the creators of Figgles, sincerely hope that our stories through the voice of Figgles will remind of everyone the importance of ‘coexistence’ and make a difference together for sustainable future.

Company Profile

pawbulous logo

Character Animation Fashion Startup

Pawbulous Inc

Pawbulous is a brand new start-up with that name that means "fabulous pawprints" by combining the two words "paw" and "fabulous" with the desire to protect endangered animals that are rapidly disappearing due to environmental pollution.
We are a digital contents & design studio that produces green content that emphasizes the importance of biodiversity and coexistence with eco-products produced with green policies for low-carbon emissions, from materials to manufacturing processes and packaging, looking for spare resources in a variety of wastes.

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