Filmization of ‘Winter Sonata 2024’ in 4K UHD

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SEVENPLUS AI's 4K Upscale Image
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In 2002, Pan Entertainment and Film Director Yoon Suk-Ho’s TV series ‘Winter Sonata’ stood at the beginning of Korean entertainment’s globalization. Now, in 2024, combining Director Yoon Suk-Ho’s re-editing along with SEVEN PLUS’s unique AI technology for upconverting video resolutions into 4K UHD and DOLBY ATMOS, ‘Winter Sonata’ is being revived into a featured film. Get ready to reembrace the heat of K-CON from two decades ago.

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7 professionals in video post production and distribution working in K-CON

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SevenPlus provides viewers with a better viewing experience through its unique technology that enhances the quality of videos using AI. Our AI solution focuses on restoration rather than generation. It improves the resolution and quality of videos while preserving the original image, minimizing artifacts like stuttering or pixelation through interpolation. Additionally, our AI allows for efficient utilization of time and cost. This enhanced content will offer modern audiences new enjoyment through derivative media republishing.

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