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SevenPlus provides viewers with a better viewing experience through its unique technology that enhances the quality of videos using AI. Our AI solution focuses on restoration rather than generation. It improves the resolution and quality of videos while preserving the original image, minimizing artifacts like stuttering or pixelation through interpolation. Additionally, our AI allows for efficient utilization of time and cost. This enhanced content will offer modern audiences new enjoyment through derivative media republishing.

Business Description

SEVEN PLUS’s 7AI technology does not aim to ‘generate’. It aims to ‘restore’. The 7AI technology takes the video content of the past and regenerates it into new formats for today’s media-content-driven people to enjoy.

Focusing on these aspects, we are preparing to establish ourselves as a republishing company that takes past video content, upscales it, and remasters it into new media content to be republished for today’s audience. We have partnered with a Korean IP holding company to republish some of Korea’s top globally successful media content.

Secured the publishing rights to the Korean TV Series ‘Winter Sonata’ in Japan
and is undergoing negotiations with a Japanese Film Distributor.

[SEVEN PLUS’s Upscaling & Republishing Timeline of ‘Winter Sonata 2024, the Movie’]

1. May-June 2024 : Contracting\ - Became the official agency for Pan Entertainment and KBS (IP holding companies) to practice publishing rights in Japan.
#Negotiating with Japan’s AVEX, LAWSON, and TOHO for the screening of ‘Winter Sonata 2024, the Movie’

2. May-Sep. of 2024 : Production - Editing: Winter Sonata’s Director, Yoon Suk-Ho, will edit a 20 eps TV series into a 2-hour movie. Additional shoots to be taken with Actress Choi Ji-Woo.
- Remastering: SEVEN+ - Video Upscaling, Correction, Interpolation, Restoration, CG, DI
- Audio: Japan’s Sound City – Audio Split, Dolby Atmos, Dubbing

3. Sep.-Nov. of 2024 : Advertising by Japanese distributors • Nov. 2024-Feb. 2025 : Preparation for extended theatrical contents (NHK, OTT, Film Concert, Media Art etc.)
May-Nov. 2024 – Documentary production of ‘Winter Sonata 4K UHD Remastering’

[Media Content to be Republished]
Winter Sonata(2002), Hotelier (2001), Stairway to Heaven (2003), Boys Over Flowers (2009), and more.


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