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"Forbidden Art" is a VR game that supports the "6m X 6m Room Scale Mode".
The entire map of the game is built to fit into a 6m x 6m real-world space, and players can actually walk around every room in the game instead of just pressing a button on their controller to move around.
If players have access to a 6m X 6m playing space, we strongly recommend playing in "6m X 6m Room Scale Mode".

Of course, we realize that not all players have access to a 6m by 6m space, so naturally we also offer "Controller Movement Mode", which allows players who don't have the space to enjoy "Forbidden Art" in VR without any restrictions.

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Game Animation Startup Immersive Content Other


AIXLAB is continuously creating a wide variety of contents for multiple platforms through new-media to deliver a new experience. Our goal is to create a new world experience to the user.

AIXLAB has the pipeline to create video-based content such as motion design, design elements, and graphics compositing, real-time based games and interactive content. Through our vast experience and know-how, we can effectively apply our expertise to VR content, offering a brand new experience to the users.

Variety of design outcomes based on new-media, VR and realistic contents, will enable users to encounter a completely new experience, and corporate clients will have an effective promotional/marketing tool.

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