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AIXLAB is continuously creating a wide variety of contents for multiple platforms through new-media to deliver a new experience. Our goal is to create a new world experience to the user.

AIXLAB has the pipeline to create video-based content such as motion design, design elements, and graphics compositing, real-time based games and interactive content. Through our vast experience and know-how, we can effectively apply our expertise to VR content, offering a brand new experience to the users.

Variety of design outcomes based on new-media, VR and realistic contents, will enable users to encounter a completely new experience, and corporate clients will have an effective promotional/marketing tool.


Business Description

We are AIXLAB, a design and production studio that focuses on VR content production, Unreal Engine content production, CG publicity videos and Motion Graphics.

AIXLAB is in the process of supplying content to the offline ‘VR experience room’ with our self-produced ‘Hyoong-ga’(the haunted house) VR and ‘Blade-line’ VR.


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