Gaduri Restaurant

Year of Production
Content Type
Web/Mobile Content
OTT Operator
Target Age
15(min) 12Quantity Input



There is plenty of fish in the sea and ‘Ga Guri’ enjoyed playing every one of them. Now she is a sexy sushi restaurant owner watching over real fishes in a tank. Ga Duri, a femme fatale fortuned to destroy 5 men’s lives, gives sweet yet frightening love mentoring to the ones that are tired of dating that goes nowhere. The sushi restaurant guests, who have crush on her, gather at her “secret place” for dating advice. In the meantime, the man next door eavesdrops and snoops around the restaurant. There’s something strange about this perfectly handsome yet poorly dressed man next door!

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Startup Other


WHYNOT Media is the frontrunner in the mid-form web-series industry in South Korea. We have successfully pioneered the market well-suited for Generation Z. Since the establishment in 2016, 147 IP titles have been produced, ‘Best Mistake’, ‘Light On Me’, 'BITCH X RICH' being some of the most popular originals.
Creating its own IP, WHYNOT MEDIA is a company pursues development in the content industry by encompassing production pipelines and marketing/distribution channels at the same time. As a web-series production house based in South Korea, WHYNOT Media has been receiving a lot of global interest.

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