Galactic Pantz

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A story of robot brothers with supernatural powers from outer space, the evil force that attempts to take over the Earth using the robot brothers, and the people who do everything to stop the evil force.

On Juro, a planet of intelligent robot lifeforms with emotions and supernatural powers, as a grown-up robot, Pollux is attacked by an unidentified robot as a result crashes to Earth, far from Juro.

During its fall to the ground, his body reacts chemically with the Earth’s atmosphere. This process transforms his stunning look into a completely different appearance of a fat chubby without his superpowers, suffering memory loss.

Luckily, it is found, rescued, and given the name Pantz by Dr. Yoon Kang, a robot engineer. Meanwhile, the Someone in the Juro who attacked Pollux is surprised to detect Pollux’s signals...

Company Profile

Character Animation Startup

Sopp Co., Ltd.

Sopp Studio Seoul.

Design-based content planning studio in Seoul, Founded in 2020. Leveraging the founder’s extensive experience in toy production to branch into the original IP planning and development business.

The key projects include the epic mecha “Galactic Pantz Series” and the omnibus series “SFGP,” with ongoing efforts in animation development and character licensing.

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