Green Apple Paradise

Year of Production
Content Type
3D Animation
Target Age
11(min) 12Quantity Input
Production Stage
Projects in Production
Detailed Genre


“The soft BL romance webtoon, which has triumphed over its minor genre status and demonstrated its immense popularity both domestically and internationally, will now be adapted into animation."


Genre : Romance Fantasy LGBTQ+
Target: +15yrs
Stage: Pre-production
Budget: Under 1.2M(USD)
Made with full 3D Cartoon Render


“There is a relationship persists in parallel
despite daily encounters.
Sharing the same time and space, yet not intertwined.
Like me and Myung Jaewon.”

Everyone experiences a school crush that may never come true. Yang Maehwa just graduated high school with his first love as a precious memory. However, he meets his first love, Jaewon, again at the freshman welcoming party in college. Jaewon becomes his friend as they attend the same college and major.

It's not easy to remain just an ordinary friendship, nor to cut off their relationship completely. What's worse is that he unintentionally expresses his hidden feelings whenever he drunks.
Will the two be able to realize their love?

Company Profile



SIDE9 Inc. is the most competitive and leading professional Digital CGI Studio creates brand new 2D/2.5D/3D animated series and films with unprecedented ingenuity filled with brilliant ideas and imagination. With unrivaled state-of-the-art 3D Cartoon Rendering Technique expertise in-house based in Korea, we're providing diverse services and high-end visuals. This passion resulted in top-notch animations and CGI content with local and international clientele from a wide range of industries.

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