Hana & Molly

Year of Production
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2D Animation
Target Age
7(min) 40Quantity Input
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The adventure of colorful emotions of 4 year old Hana and her magic sock friend Molly begins! Hana and Molly is to inspire little kids to understand their own and others' emotions through playful adventures that help them laugh and learn.
Every episode of Hana and Molly showcases different types of emotions that help preschoolers get to know themselves better through heart-warming stories with the group of friends, fun and adventure.
Hana and Molly would be the Iconic friends of the preschoolers and their parents. They want to be real friends who share, empathize, and understand & talk together about what they feel and how to react on what they feel who always stay around in kids' real lives. With this emotion / experience-sharing, Hana and Molly wants to be heart-warming friends of the kids who really exists around their everyday lives.

Company Profile



5Bricks is a talented original IP creator and animation production company based in Korea. We pursue producing content with creativity and diversity from the warm stories to the visual interesting.

With the collaboration of various global partners, 5Bricks has launched its first commercial animated series, a slapstick-adventure comedy show ‘Tata and Kuma' season1 worldwide through various content platforms in 2022. Its season 2 is under production, targeted to launch in the late 2023.

Following the successful launch of 'Tata and Kuma', 5Bricks is focusing on the pre-production of a few animated projects such as 'Hana and Molly', a preschool show and 'CV Brothers', a adventure show.

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