Hanni and the Wild Woods

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Infants and Toddlers
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Hanni is a cat, but she’s no ordinary feline. She lives with her friends in the Wild Woods, an enchanted forest where animals talk and wacky monsters create a lot of mischief. It’s ruled by a unicorn with magical powers and a powerful mission – to preserve nature. Along with Po the pig, Coo the dog, and Ty-Ty the hamster, Hanni fixes any problems she finds – whether they occur naturally or are monster-made.

This is a show about appreciating nature. It teaches kids about all the wonder and fun the natural world has to offer. Our purpose is to encourage children to respect nature and get them interested in taking care of the environment by showing them how special it is. But most importantly, it will teach kids to care for and be considerate to their friends. Nature provides a backdrop for stories about friendship, bravery, hope and luck – characteristics embodied by Hanni and her friends.

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