Heaven Character 2. Yulri, Bongni, Mongri

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Yulri is a friend who pulls a sled. Yulri is an angel who helps us keep faith and God, trust and law, and delivers gifts and love to our friends. Yulri is a dog-like animal. It's a very simple image of a two-square face and body, and Yulri has a star-shaped pupil that represents an angel of heaven. Yulri's personality is loyal, reliable, disciplined, well-reserved, responsible, loving, kind, cute and pure.
Bongni is a friend who wipes tears off and gives them comfort and courage. This friend is an animal friend in the form of 'a combination of birds and squirrels'. This friend has supernatural powers that serve to console sadness, depression, and light the mind when friends are in need. The red ribbon acts as a consolation handkerchief.
Mongri is the messenger of love. Mongri delivers love to the people and places that need it. Do you want to convey a heart of love to your friends, mom and dad? Ask Mongri.

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