Hello Jadoo Fairy Tales

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2D Animation
Target Age
76(min) 1Quantity Input
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Good Girl, Jadoo : Jadoo lives with her sight-challenged father. They are destitute, but happy. In order to send Jadoo back to school, her father goes to pick medicinal herbs to sell. However, he ends up becoming blind for good. Jadoo goes through great obstacles to get a magical cure from the Indangsoo sea only to return to an empty house. Her father has left because he didn’t want to be a burden on her. To find her father, Jadoo prepares for the state exams.

Thumbelina : Fairy Thumbelina(Jadoo) was born without wings. However, she’s one tough cookie!Red Ant Prince Yunseok has fallen in love with her toughness, but his ardent fervor only seems to annoy Jadoo. Just then, asked by Jadoo’s parents to find their daughter, Swallow Seonghun appears at the ant kingdom and rescues Jadoo.

Company Profile

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Atoonz, inc

ATOONZ, Inc was established in May 2000 and is engaged in the animation and character licensing business. Currently, we are producing Korean family animated cartoon Hello Jadoo TV series and animation for theater. We are producing web / online content such as ( and YouTube official channel, Hello Jadoo TV. In 2021, a platform for web novels name Novellee( has launched.

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