Heroes of Atlan

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■ Endless Fun with Hundreds of Heroes!
- Battle with and against various heroes with diverse backstory

■ Grand Scale Storytelling!
- Endless adventure in search of answers
- Vast missions and diverse quests available

■ Enormous World Boss Threatens the Entire Continent of Atlan
- Defeat the world boss and save the realm from its grasp

■ Boundless, Immersive Contents!
- Prove your strength and become the server's best

■ Guild System with Both Cooperative and Competitive Elements
- Earn great rewards by defeating the guild raid boss
- Cooperate with guild members for a glorious victory in guild battles!

Company Profile



SKYWALK is a mobile game developer / publisher based in South Korea. Founded in May of 2019, our goal is to provide our users with the best gameplay experience with high quality games. SKYWALK has brought innovative titles such as Cut the Rope: BLAST, Yumi's Cells: The Puzzle, Everytown Sweet, Hero Sky, Heroes of Atlan and VR game, Chase Fire to the global market, with more currently in development. We will continuously strive to provide games that are played and loved forever by many gamers all around the globe.

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