Hyper Wing - The Second Flight

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An authentic special shooting game!
Collect amazing combat planes and upgrade them!

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Rhaon Entertainment Co., Ltd

“Rhaon Entertainment Co. Ltd. is a game-software developer that pursues joy.”
Rhaon Entertainment is based in Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea. Since its establishment in 2000, Rhaon has specialized in developing game software through its affiliated research institute and studio.
With the motto, “The head of a developer and the heart of a gamer,” and with a mission to develop online games that provide joy and happiness, we have devoted ourselves to continuously developing games. Of those working at Rhaon, 85percent are game experts and developers, and they are doing their best to make not just the “best” games, but games that will always identify with the gamers.
Going forward, Rhaon will grow into a global game developer, develop games that empathize and communicate with the users and develop into a global enterprise that will be a leader in the game market.

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