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The aim of the game is to unlock prizes by putting the key in "just" the right spot. Players control the movement of the Key that is mounted onto a motorized mechanism with a joystick and button that control the horizontal and vertical movement of the Key. Once the button is released, the movement of the Key will stop at the location of the desired position and the Key is positioned successfully, the motorized mechanism will process to extend the Key into the key hole where it will pull a prize pin forward and drop the prize into the prize basket.

* 3 prize levels, Minor, Medium and Major.

* Brightly lit all steel cabinet with vending style door lock for added security.

* Simple to play using joystick and button controls.

* Prizes hang on simple prize pins making servicing a snap. No spiral retainers or tight shelves.

* Coin, DBA, or Swipe Card Ready.

(W)985 x (D)945 x (H)1850mm (38.8 x 37.2 x 72.8 inch)
230Kg (507 lbs)

Company Profile

Game Immersive Content

Komuse Co.,Ltd.

KOMUSE(Korea Amusement) is founded in 2006.
Practicing highest standards in “Quality Management”, our employees bring many years of experiences in amusement industry with utmost dedication to surpass customers' expectation. As a result, we have introduced some of the highest earning games in the world, such as KEY MASTER, MAGICIAN’S WHEEL, PRIZE ARROW, MAZE ESCAPE, and more.

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