Kiss Goblin

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Ban-sook is a goblin, who wants to become a human. Completing ten kiss missions is the only way for him to achieve his dream. He will learn human emotions and qualify to become a human through the missions. While Ban-sook completes his missions, he meets Yeon-ah, a human. She hates other humans for their selfishness and carelessness. A goblin and a human get acquainted. Slowly, the two start falling for each other.

Company Profile

Broadcasting Character Startup Other


WHYNOT Media is the frontrunner in the mid-form web-series industry in South Korea. We have successfully pioneered the market well-suited for Generation Z. Since the establishment in 2016, 147 IP titles have been produced, ‘Best Mistake’, ‘Light On Me’, 'BITCH X RICH' being some of the most popular originals.
Creating its own IP, WHYNOT MEDIA is a company pursues development in the content industry by encompassing production pipelines and marketing/distribution channels at the same time. As a web-series production house based in South Korea, WHYNOT Media has been receiving a lot of global interest.

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