Magic Adventures - The Crystal of Dark

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• Wizard of OZ meets Harry Potter!

Olivia’s Magic adventures is Wizard of OZ meets Harry Potter, where a young naive princess is transported to many wondrous lands and along the way she teams up with allies, and together they embark on a dangerous quest to find 4 great wizards and 7 magic crystals that will help her stop the Dark wizard of light from conquering Magic land and save her parents. Throughout their journey, they learn that real magic is having good virtues of courage, friendship, and cooperation.

Company Profile

Hong Dang Moo

Broadcasting Character Animation

Hong Dang Moo

HONG DANG MOO is expanding its reach into animation, character, licensing and high quality educational and edutainment content business based on its valuable know-how established with educational content design.

2015 KOCCA Family Animation Project Support - 'Magic Adventures'
2015 SBA Character Commercialization Support - 'Magic Adventures'
2016 Xinhua Awards Best Animation Series Award - 'Magic Adventures'
2016 A.A.S Pitching Project - 'Animal Rescue'
2017 Asia-EU Cartoon Connection 'SKB Award' - 'Animal Rescue'
2017 MIP Junior Most Screened Program (1st place) - 'Magic Adventures'
2017 Korea Content Awards(Animation) - Minister of Culture Sports and Tourism Award
2016 ‘VERA The Alien Hunter’(Book) Language Learner Literature Award 3 categories
2017 ‘School Adventures’(Book) Language Learner Literature Award 2 categories
2018 MIP Junior Most Screened Programme(20th place) - 'Animal Rescue'
2020 PPOPPOPPO Friends is broadcasted in MBC (under production)

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