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Hong Dang Moo
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  • Location : BD #A, #824~825 338, Gwanggyojungang-ro, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
HONG DANG MOO is expanding its reach into animation, character, licensing and high quality educational and edutainment content business based on its valuable know-how established with educational content design.

2015 KOCCA Family Animation Project Support - 'Magic Adventures'
2015 SBA Character Commercialization Support - 'Magic Adventures'
2016 Xinhua Awards Best Animation Series Award - 'Magic Adventures'
2016 A.A.S Pitching Project - 'Animal Rescue'
2017 Asia-EU Cartoon Connection 'SKB Award' - 'Animal Rescue'
2017 MIP Junior Most Screened Program (1st place) - 'Magic Adventures'
2017 Korea Content Awards(Animation) - Minister of Culture Sports and Tourism Award
2016 ‘VERA The Alien Hunter’(Book) Language Learner Literature Award 3 categories
2017 ‘School Adventures’(Book) Language Learner Literature Award 2 categories
2018 MIP Junior Most Screened Programme(20th place) - 'Animal Rescue'
2020 PPOPPOPPO Friends is broadcasted in MBC (under production)


Business Description

[Education, kids]
- Firstly broadcasted in MBC, July 2020.
- Now under poduction and broadcasting

'Magic Adventures - The Crystal of Dark'
-Broadcasted on KBS, On air on 7 cable channels and 3 IPTVs
-Saled 40 licensed products with KyoboBook Hottracks
-Performed Family musical ‘Magic Adventures’, licensing with us
-Pre-sales in Thailand, 2014
-Contract plan in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Amazon Video, 2018
'Animal Rescue'
-Broadcast on KBS in 2019
-Co-development Master toy with domestic top toy manufacturing company
-Co-development preschooler homeschooling program with JLS, domestic top private educational institute
[Educational Contents Publishing]
-Joint development of educational textbooks with JLS, E-future, top education company
-‘School Adventures’, ‘Vera the Alien Hunter’ were awarded Language Learner Literature Award


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