Marron the Dogavengers

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Fantastic adventure of lovely rescue dogs!

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Character Cartoon Animation Immersive Content

Studio Holhory Co.,Ltd.

Valuing children’s dream and listening to the future value,
Studio Holhory Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in the creative animation production since its establishment in 2005.

Our first TV series “The White Seal” was produced under a joint investment with EBS and Seoul Business Agency which was broadcast in EBS for 15 months from 2008 to the next year. With a great deal of love and support by children, “The White Seal” has been broadcast until now in many media throughout our country such as Tooniverse, JEI TV, Daekyo Kids TV, Sky/TV and QookTV. It has been exported to overseas such as the Middle East, Taiwan and Philippines.

In addition, we have been recognized for our special animation production experience and technology while we were awarded an excellence prize and a graphic achievement prize from 2007 Digital Contents Grand Prize and acquired a venture certificate in the same year and a certificate of qualifications for a specialized industrial design company in 2011. We were selected as a social company by Seoul Metropolitan Government during 2010 as we are making main efforts to produce animation with contents for public interests containing the future values which can be recommended to children.

We produced a multi-cultural animation “Choum’s Green School” in six episodes which was broadcast in EBS during 2010 and “Old Stories in Asia” in six episodes together with UNESCO in 2011. Besides, we have produced many educational contents including animations about environments for education in the elementary, middle and high school and animations about history for museums, as well as CF animations such as Smurf series for Optimus One of LG Electronics.

Studio Holhory will continue to develop animations in high perfection which can be recognized throughout the world in the future. Especially, Holhory will strive for positioning as a production company for movie contents in pursuit of social values while actively producing animations dealing with issues in the community. Those issues include considerations for environment-friendliness, education, and multi-cultural and disabled children.

Social Value

Live Embodiment of Author’s Capability and Community’s Vision

Studio Holhory is producing works containing the capability and philosophy of directors as an author. We aim at works where both artistic and commercial characteristics in good balance between colors unique to directors and know-how on the industrial system in the animation style, while thinking hard for the fruitfulness of contents through our thorough field works and historical research.
Studio Holhory is seeking for animations to speak out responsible voices including history, environment, multi-culture and human rights together with the community in an effort to make contributions to our society while expanding social access rights to animations.

Various Genre Experiments and Artistic Exploration

Studio Holhory is not limited the distinction of genres such as 2D, 3D and digital cutout. We have implemented various technical attempts in line with contents for the effective delivery of contents in the animation production.

There were many concerns when we attempted to product the whole background in the watercolor painting while producing a TV series “The White Seal”. However, we could produce the successful and beautiful images through our persistent and various experiments and trials. We have never spared any attempt for various and artistic trials in producing images in a higher level than any other piece of a work all the time.

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