Math Alchemist Myomyo

Year of Production
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2D Animation
Target Age
22(min) 26Quantity Input
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Math Alchemist, a series of animations for the mathematical education of children, has been ambitiously launched to let children all over the world learn mathematical concepts naturally by watching our animations. An adventure story in the medieval stage, whose developments accompany mathematical concepts, guides children to getting interested in mathematics and logically understanding mathematical concepts.

The main character Myomyo and his friends come to attain magical powers through mathematics to save the world, and eventually grow up to a world hero. This animation gives not only amusement and fun to the children audience, but also leads them to understand mathematical concepts. Furthermore, this interesting story evolves in an exotic world, the kingdom of cats, where steam machines and magic coexist. Many exciting characters, lots of unexpected incidents and other-worldly creations come together to make this animation really enjoyable: being immersed in the story as if game.

Company Profile

Character Animation


IP Creator 'HAPPYUP' is an animation planning and production company that was founded with the motto 'Make children happy with animation'. We are planning and producing characters and animations for children based on the know-how of successful animation production. We are planning and developing Global new media animation "Happy Babies, Bebe and Comi" and mathematics education animation "math alchemist". It is based on music and mathematics education, so it can be used anywhere in the world. 'HAPPYUP' is ready to work with Global Partners at any time.

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