Meeting You

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TV Channel
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50(min) 2Quantity Input


Meeting You shows the emotional reunion of a mother and her deceased 6-year-old daughter from an unidentified illness via advanced virtual reality.
What is your most heartwarming memory? If you could meet a deceased family member, what would you say to him? With this question in mind, the staff started a project of bringing a human documentary and virtual reality together. Will virtual reality, artificial intelligence and immersive content go beyond creating entertainment like games and be able to move a person’s heart? The plan is to incarnate the person someone misses the most and bring back his warmest memories. They also test the possibility of using technology to touch a person deep within.

Company Profile


MBC America

MBC America was established in Los Angeles, CA in 1991 and broadcasts, distributes, and sells MBC shows to North, Central, and South America. It serves as a medium to expand MBC’s business, and it is a passageway to share information regarding important Korean issues and to lead the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, in the United States.
In order to expand the Korean Wave and its businesses, MBC America provides excellent MBC shows to a diverse pool of viewers throughout the United States. Using various marketing strategies to reach out to Asian Americans, mainstream media, and other ethnic backgrounds, we provide a variety of programs online through mobile applications, Smart TVs, and other new technology. MBC America strives to share Korean culture with viewers from all over the world and lead the global television market.

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