Mindblowing Breakthroughs

Year of Production


The Science Experience Musical [Mind Blowing Breakthroughs] - Science Academy
Interactive facilities, RFID identification card, etc.
Learning accomplishments of the great scientists in the performance using technology!

Company Profile

Mindblowing EnT.

Mind Blowing Ent. Is producing variety of contents combing with ICT technology based on professional technical skill and manpower for areas like performance, exhibition and media art.
With analyzing storytelling and design concept of animation, it brings their distinct features to the performances and exhibition which are enable to build up the animation brand power.
Produced a family musical and an science experience musical as a spin-off of animation series, ‘Mind Blowing Breakthroughs’, devoted to science which feels difficult for children, but they were produced by easy and entertaining ways.
The family musical, Mind blowing Breakthroughs was exported to China in 2017, and we’re planning to extend other overseas countries.
Mind Blowing Ent will lead to create new types of amusing performances and exhibitions through collaboration with various contents in the future.

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