Mobile XR 3D VR Smart Aquarium Bus

Immersive Content
Year of Production
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* Mobile Hands-on Digital Aquarium
- Brought to your doorstep
- Reduction of travel time
- Safety assurance for kids

* XR 3D VR Images About The Ocean
- Educational documentary for kids
- Real images (High sense of realism)

* Attractiveness Through High Technologies
- Stereoscopic VR images
- Touchable displays
- RFID sensor and smart appliances for communicating with underwater creatures

* Revenue Enlargement By Mobile Application
- Connecting to game application

Company Profile

Broadcasting Startup Immersive Content Other

Mangrove Inc.

Mangrove Inc. is a venture company that develops its own XR, 3D, VR, Panorama contents production technology and develops various video programs and develops and operates 'XR experience bus service'

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