Movie, Hello Jadoo The Secret in Jeju

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2D Animation
Target Age
89(min) 1Quantity Input
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Jadoo, her family, her friends and their families travel to Jeju-do. Jadoo’s mom’s old friend, Mihui and her daughter Jeonbok, welcome them. Jeonbok has a crush on Yunseok and invites only him to many events, to have fun with just two of them. Jadoo feels betrayed by him and follows them to Jeonbok’s secret place. She by mistake breaks the stone of General Hareubang, and the spell is broken and Bori is brought back to life from there. This leads most of them to be thrown into a living hell. Then Bori begins to turn every person she bumps into to stone using a spell.
So Jadoo and her friends begin a big adventure with the help of Pigs, and they end up in the Kingdom of Donghae. They finally save Wallang, Bori’s sweetheart.

Company Profile

Other Music Animation Cartoon Character Game

Atoonz, inc

ATOONZ, Inc was established in May 2000 and is engaged in the animation and character licensing business. Currently, we are producing Korean family animated cartoon Hello Jadoo TV series and animation for theater. We are producing web / online content such as ( and YouTube official channel, Hello Jadoo TV. In 2021, a platform for web novels name Novellee( has launched.

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