My romantic holiday

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Title: My Romantic Holiday
Genre: Romance
Target audience: 20-30 female / male
Format: Webtoon / webtoon movie

: Jane, who went to LA Tour, happens to be the only witness of a crime.
   Jane has become a killer target, and remains in the US due to the Witness Protection Program.
   The Federal Bureau of Investigation leaves her safety to the Korean American, Aiden Joe.
   On the other hand, Aiden, who is in charge of Jane because he knows how to speak Korean, escapes to Montana together with Jane.
   To protect Jane, Aiden and Jane become a "fake couple" and slowly falls into each other.

  - Kang Jae-in: An optimistic person who does not lose his positive mind under any circumstances. Be honest and faithful to her feelings. A lovely person who can read people's mind without language.
  - Aidan Joe: A legendary Korean-American who joined the FBI as 1 team in three years. A man who has a strong desire to win. He is cool and has a good self-management

Company Profile

Cartoon Immersive Content


Ideaconcert is a company that has developed the webtoon movie authoring tool 'TOONIVIE'.
'Webtoon Movie' is a new type of content in the form of video, adding various video effects, camera effects, and sound effects to cartoons and webtoons.

'Toonivie' is an authoring tool for creating webtoot movies quickly and easily.
In the past, you had to use 6 programs to make cartoon and webtoon videos, and need experts to handle each tool.
However, now Ideaconcert can produce videos easily and inexpensively by developing authoring tools specialized for webtoon movie production.

Because "webtoon movies" are video content, you can generate new revenue from various platforms.
Webtoons and cartoons were only available on the webtoon platform.
However, webtoon movies can be served on video platforms such as IPTV, CTV, and OTT.
Plus, it's easy to add ads and create new revenue models.

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