Noah Fantasy

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- Meet this intergenerational strategic RPG game that occurs in the romantic school.
- Many famous illustrators participate in creating multiple female in-game characters.
- Promote your visual pleasure with the moving characters supported by live 2D effect.
- The pleasure of having your own girls.
- You can choose your moving route randomly without feeling any boredom.

Company Profile


Dreamplay Games

DREMPLAY GAMES was founded with members who worked together as business and project managers for the last 8 years from PC online game and mobile game business.

1. First and foremost, we will dedicate a team for each business partner to provide the most effective performance, from launching game to providing a service by offering full support and best service.

2. We are a strong publishing company tightly united with member who worked together and have experience in business management. With less cost, it will be easier to achieve profits.

3. We provide global service and aim for maximized financial result.

4. We look forward to become a partner to help launching global games in Korea. Recently we have created a partnership with a developer in China and have been preparing to publish the game in the major markets.

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