Nosycat and Beanstalk

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'Helix jump‘ is mobile game has record over 100 million downloads. We mixed fun factor of 'Helix jump' game with our own character and quest system, finaly we made it more unique. 'Nosycat and Beanstalk' has a storyline that parody the fairy tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. The game begins as Nosycat and his friends steal the treasures of the Giant's country and run away from giant and then drop the treasure below the bean stalks. Nosycat and his friends gather treasure during jump down a huge bean-leaf. It is an exciting adventure game who can enjoy in a short time with enjoy colorful combo effect and easy-to-control.

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Game Character Startup Immersive Content


REALWITH Inc. is the first company in KOREA to develop and service education, game software and contents that combine XR Technology. We are providing optimized education solutions by combining the know-how of the gamification UX and AR, VR Research and Development. The vision of REALWITH Inc. shows all people more interesting world with our Extended Reality Technology. We signed a business partnership with the SK Telecom, I-Scream media, LG U plus, YONSEI University Psychological Science Innovation Institute etc. We have been awarded various entrepreneurship league hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency, Gyeonggi Content Agencyand and Minstry of Education. We have secured numerous patent registration, utility model, copyright, and our technology gets attention.

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