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Any formula for Love?
Can we generalize love like we do for math?
Why is everything different?

Different types of love in the world.
The color of love varies depending on your age and whom you meet.
Accordingly, the attitude towards love is distinctive and unique with its color.
For instance, love is heart-thumping pink for someone, whereas love is heart-warming yellow for others.

Passionate red might be the color of someone's love, and comfortable beidge can be the color of others.
We are trying to describe the uniqueness of love with its color in this web-drama.
This will show the love story among five people in the beautiful backgrounds of South Korea.

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Arirang TV, established in 1997 as a domestic cable TV service for foreigners in Korea, is Korea's leading global broadcasting company and opened Korea's first overseas satellite broadcasting service in 1999 for the Asia-Pacific region. In 2000, the company completed its worldwide broadcasting network including the Americas, Europe and Africa, and has been providing various contents including politics, economy, society, and culture to foreigners and Korean residents. Currently, Arirang has received a great deal of attention and love from approximately 1.3 billion viewers in 105 countries around the world, and is striving to provide more active marketing and quality programs.

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