Arirang TV, established in 1997 as a domestic cable TV service for foreigners in Korea, is Korea's leading global broadcasting company and opened Korea's first overseas satellite broadcasting service in 1999 for the Asia-Pacific region. In 2000, the company completed its worldwide broadcasting network including the Americas, Europe and Africa, and has been providing various contents including politics, economy, society, and culture to foreigners and Korean residents. Currently, Arirang has received a great deal of attention and love from approximately 1.3 billion viewers in 105 countries around the world, and is striving to provide more active marketing and quality programs.


Business Description

Overseas satellite broadcasting business to enhance national image and promote understanding of international society
Domestic Broadcasting Business to Promote Korean Understanding of Foreigners in Korea and to Promote Globalization of Koreans
Support project for improving international competitiveness of broadcasting video
Support broadcasting of our broadcasting through overseas media
International Exchange and Cooperation Project with Overseas Broadcasters
Government and public agencies Overseas advertising agency business Advertisement business


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